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If you're looking for comprehensive news coverage on the U.S. government marketplace, GMN is the place to go. It caters to individuals, businesses and government officials who seek to gain a competitive edge in navigating the private-public sector.

GMN is published by Strategic Partnerships, Inc. (SPI), a nationally focused business development and procurement consulting firm offering a more comprehensive suite of services than any other firm in the US since 1995. With access to the wealth of expertise from SPI, GMN continues to expand and grow.

Audience of BUYERS that consists of:



Entrepreneurs & Innovators

Small Business Owners

C-Level Executives

Venture Capital Firms & Angel Investors

International Entities

Industry Associations & Organizations

Vendors (in search of public sector contracting opportunities)

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Elected Public Officials

Government Employees

Local, State & Federal Agencies

Regulatory Authorities

K-12 & Higher Education Decision-Makers

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Affluent Consumers

Industry Influencers

Regional Community Leaders

Legal & Compliance Professionals

High Net Worth Investors

Contractors/Specialized Professionals

What we provide

Brand Identity




Updated daily, ad cross-checks, a site that functions across all platforms, email campaigns, social and native programs, IAB Ad units, rich media capabilities, Texas Government Insider (TGI) and Government Contracting Pipeline (GCP) newsletter, bi-weekly podcast (TBA).


The IAB New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio replaces previous display guidelines with flexible aspect ratio and size range ad units for mobile and desktop. These new formats are designed to adapt to different screens and incorporate lightweight, encrypted, non-intrusive ads. They include display, native and innovative media experiences.

Responsive Advertising

Active & Reactive


Responsive Design

Content and ads that resize, reformat and reposition based on the user’s screen size.



GMN’s responsive advertising program will allow your ad to be seen wherever and whenever readers engage with our content across any and all devices. We provide a responsive experience across all screens.

Why native ads?

*According to Forbes

  • Native ads avoid the ad blockers that nearly 40% of internet users in the U.S. use.
  • They improve the appearance of a company’s site and branded app by ensuring all content has a uniform appearance.
  • When hosting the ads on a company’s own servers, rather than relying on third-party ad networks, the ads avoid the malware that can sometimes infect ad networks. This also enhances user privacy because it does away with 3rd-party cookies.
  • By eliminating ad tags, the native ads speed up page loads and improve app performance.
  • People view native ads 53% more frequently than traditional ads.
  • Native advertising can increase brand lift by as much as 82%.
  • Purchase intent is 53% higher when consumers click on native ads instead of traditional ads.

We do not currently use Google Remarketing ads.y

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Display Ad options explained

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Run-of-site (ROS)

ROS ads are served across all GMN website categories and article pages. This is perfect for advertisers with product offerings and services that can apply to customers in many different roles interested in the government marketplace. Up to four ads may be served in rotation in all ROS positions.

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Homepage and Category

Reach GMN visitors as soon as they see our homepage. Additionally, category-specific ads will help target readers related to your area of interest. These ads will only be served on landing pages in your choice of categories: Water Projects, Energy, Construction, Technology, Transportation or Public-Private Partnerships (P3s).

Ad sizes (all responsive)

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Large Leaderboard


ROS & Category: top. middle & bottom of page.

Small Square (300x300)

or Rectangle ( 300x600)

Homepage, ROS & Category: Above & below the fold, right rail only.



ROS & Category pages: Right rail only.

Native Homepage Billboard(2000x250)

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The banner option will only be offered on the homepage.y

Sponsor Insight




GMN allows marketers to connect directly with our audience by creating their own content. The marketer produces every Sponsored Insight, but the content does feature guidelines (link on the last page). This option incorporates social media links and your company’s contact info.



Out-of-the-banner experience

looks and feels like editorial content; Engages readers by posting interesting and relevant content with full social sharing capabilities; Articles are posted for maximum search results which helps to increase exposure and visibility.

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Sponsored Insight

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Sponsored Insight

*Sponsored Insights will only be offered below the fold on the homepage. They will also appear on individual article & category pages.

Sponsored Insight


Company Name


Advertise on the Connection

A podcast by Government Market News

A podcast for professionals navigating government procurement, public-private partnerships, and policy innovation. Each episode offers expert insights into the latest developments and challenges in this multi-trillion-dollar marketplace. Our guests are public officials, business leaders, and experts on public private collaboration.

With comprehensive coverage and unrivaled expertise, this podcast is more than just a listening experience — it's a career-enhancing journey hosted by Government Market News, an independent publication of Strategic Partnerships, Inc., led by a cadre of former government executives committed to fostering successful public and private sector collaborations.



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8,000 subscribers

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This podcast is tailor-made for:

  • Government Contractors: Offering strategies and insights to fine-tune procurement approaches.
  • Public Officials: Providing guidance for shaping future public sector partnerships.
  • Industry Professionals: Delivering cutting-edge information to stay ahead in the government marketplace.

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our co-hosts

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Mary Scott Nabers, President/CEO of Strategic Partnerships, Inc. (SPI), is a well-known expert in public-private partnerships (P3s) and author of "Collaboration Nation" and "Inside the Infrastructure Revolution." Her insights have been featured in Forbes, CNBC, The Hill, and POLITICO. Previously, she led two media firms and served in significant government roles in Texas, including as Commissioner at the Texas Employment Commission and the Texas Railroad Commission, overseeing major economic sectors.

Marshall Macomber combines expertise in business development, political strategy, communications, and public sector experience. He's the founder and president of ThinkP3, a Washington D.C.-based consultancy advocating for innovative infrastructure and public-private partnerships (P3s). Macomber was instrumental in the 2021 infrastructure bill and a key initiator of a significant USDOT program. A former Chief of Staff to Congressman Mike Rogers and an MBA graduate from Georgetown University, he's involved with George Washington University's ESG & Infrastructure Steering Group and other boards. Macomber is a recognized industry speaker and is passionate about enhancing public transit, urban walkability, energy decarbonization, and railway infrastructure.

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$300/episode (1 slot) for 4 episodes

Pre-roll and mid-roll available

$400/episode exclusive option

social media promotion, email newsletter, & website ads available


$500/episode (2 slots) for 8 episodes

Pre-roll and mid-roll slots

post-roll option available

social media promotion, email newsletter, & website ads available


$750/episode (3 slots) for 12 episodes

Pre-roll, mid-roll, & post-roll slots

includes one youtube shoutout

social media promotion, email newsletter, & website ads available

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featured on:

Social @

SPI Newsletter Metrics

Of course, GMN will develop robust metrics post-launch. However, until that KPI data populates, we are basing ad prices on SPI’s current audience reach.

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Subscribers to Government Contracting Pipeline and Texas Government Insider

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Total number of GCP and TGI copies of newsletters sent to subscribers


Email open rate for TGI and GCP

The average industry rate for email open rate is 21.3%

GMN’s Total Digital Reach After Launch Date Oct. 30, 2023

This data is subject to change as our team gathers additional Google Analytics data over time.


access via desktop, so large, interactive ads are recommended


total Users from the U.S.A., Netherlands, UK, Finland, Canada, Austraila, France, Singapore, Austria, and Germany

*GMN is committed to the promotion of transparency and to a fraud free advertising marketplace. As part of such commitment, GMN adheres to the Trustworthy Accountability Group (“TAG”) Guidelines to make our traffic sources transparent

Apple News

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News Partner Program Member

The goal of Apple News is to provide customers access to trusted news and information from many of the world’s top publishers. At the heart of Apple News is Apple News Format, which provides the best mobile reading experience for news and scales seamlessly across iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Apple News Format also supports advertising, and publishers keep 100% of the revenue from ads they sell within Apple News.

Google News

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Google News Publishing Center

Every month, Google Search and Google News sends users to news sites more than 24 billion times.

Publisher Center is an interface that helps publishers submit and manage their content in Google News, as well as configure monetization solutions through Reader Revenue Manager. Using Publisher Center is entirely optional, and does not affect GMN’s eligibility for Google News. Google automatically crawls the web regularly to include websites in Google News. However, Publisher Center can help you manage how you appear on Google News.

This means your ad will reach a wider audience.

Advertising options recapped

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Size (pixels)

Price (Monthly)

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Half Page/Skyscraper








*run-of-site (ROS) ads will appear up to four times, All Ads will also be formatted to Mobile, All prices net. Agencies add 15%. Prices include 4C

UTM Codes


We do accomadate UTM codes.

UTM codes help you track where traffic is coming from, allowing you to properly measure each campaign’s, platform’s, or medium’s ROI.

UTM codes are also known as UTM parameters — or tracking tags — because they help you "track" website traffic from its origin. Marketers customize this text to match the webpage the tagged URL is linked on, in order to attribute the success of that campaign to specific pieces of content.

UTM - Urchin Tracking Module. Parameter to track advertising campaigns on the Internet


For more information about advertising rates, please contact SPI’s Director of Communication Caroline Guerin

*all prices subject to change as metric data become more robust over time

Ad Content Guidelines


For more information about Advertising Rates, please contact SPI’s Director of Communication:

Caroline Guerin

*all prices subject to change as metric data become more robust over time